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CST launches Discgo Charger

Responding to a need from today’s connected consumer, Discgo Charger is a portable, mobile charging device, allowing users to charge their mobile phone, tablet or camera without being plugged into a wall, and it's now available to purchase from Call Systems Technology.

Users can move freely around venues and events whilst remaining connected. Running out of mobile phone battery is a modern day problem, Discgo Charger is the solution.

So what does Discgo Charger actually do?

  • Charges ANY mobile phone at the same rate as plugging into a wall socket
  • Charges ANY two mobile phones at once
  • Charges four mobile phones up to 100% charge before needing to return to the Discgo Docking Station.
  • Can be taken anywhere within the venue – full mobility!
  • Can charge tablets and cameras too.

For the bar who want to entice customers to stay longer, to the on-the-go businessman who must remain charged at a networking event, the possibilities for Discgo are endless. The solution includes an impressive app, enabling users to find their nearest Discgo venue. The app is free for consumers to download, available on iTunes and Google Play stores, and your venue can gain completely free exposure as part of this service. 

If you’d like to find out how Discgo Charger can enhance customer service and boost revenue at your venue, click here to find out more and discover the world of Discgo.