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CST strengthens its DNA line with three appointments to its graduate training scheme

The scheme, which is now in its fifth year, provides three graduates each year with the opportunity to kick start their careers within sales, working across a diverse portfolio of hospitality operators, together with leading global brands.

Mario Martin, Rebecca Durham and Joanna Phillips (from left to right) joined CST, following completion of university degrees in law, chemistry and music. Our newest recruit, Emily Folkestad, graduated this year in Business Management. The aim of the business is for the graduates to form part of a legacy of employees, which includes Nick Brown, Head of Business Development, who joined the Graduate Training Scheme just four and half years ago. 

Each graduate will be assigned a mentor and in order for them to get under-the-skin of the business, whilst learning about its all-important culture, they will also gain hands-on training in every department. As part of the programme, they will be taught the delicate intricacies around making commercial decisions, together with negotiation, influencing, pitching, setting targets, account management and the importance of providing the right technology solutions to help operators run a more efficient and productive business.

Ashley Sheppard, Sales & Marketing Director, Call Systems Technology commented: “We’re all about our people. I’d go as far as saying that the people are the DNA of this company. Our graduates bring a lot, not only to our business, but also our culture. For us, a great graduate is about so much more than grades and qualifications. We look for the most curious, hardworking and motivated individuals, who fit our ethos of being passionate about the people and products we work with across the hospitality industry. A good sense of humour doesn’t go amiss either!

He continues: “Cold calling a 100 companies a day is simply not us and never will be. We look to our graduates to bring fresh eyes and new ideas to our business. We nurture them to grow quickly in confidence, commercial awareness, skills and motivation, so that ultimately, they can carve out a niche for themselves within the hospitality industry.” 

We have since taken on another fantastic new graduate, Emily Folkestad, who graduated this year in Business Management. Emily joins as QSR Channel Development Executive.