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EasyCall and Staff Paging deployed to Carnival Cruise lines

American owned Carnival Cruise Lines, commissioned CST, as part of its operation of improvement, to enhance the experience for cruise guests. The business came to the cruise operators’ rescue, providing a bespoke call button and staff paging system across 10 of its worldwide ships, as an innovative solution for addressing an issue with effective communication amongst the crew when on and off-loading guest luggage.

The brief to CST was to devise a bespoke communications solution which could effectively manage the issue of luggage distribution via lifts across numerous decks. Prior to the installation, the crew were utilising the lift to move luggage, however had no means of advising the lift operator when it was needed solely for the purpose of delivering customer luggage.

The solution was to fit CST’s EasyCall™ and Staff Paging technology via call buttons on each passenger deck.  When called, the lift operator is alerted by staff pager to the request to move luggage. Now, on days when guests are embarking and disembarking, the new technology allows for the lift to be used more efficiently, whilst staff time against the task of distributing guest luggage across numerous decks has significantly improved.

Ashley Sheppard, Group Commercial Director, Call Systems Technology commented: “We took our 20 years of paging expertise, reviewing the luggage and lift issues faced by Carnival Cruise Lines. The bespoke solution we provided enhances the guest experience whilst effectively managing staff resources, resulting in better efficiencies and a significantly better customer experience. We’re currently in talks with the cruise line to see how we can assist them with further bespoke projects.”