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Latest Big Hospitality video sponsored by CST

Call Systems Technology is delighted to have sponsored the latest video in Big Hospitality’s In Operation series. 

The sixth video in the series features American inspired Coast to Coast, whose chain is part of the biggest restaurant group in the UK.

Managing director, Angelo Gabrilatsou, explains how the Coast to Coast concept originated from the desire to bring authentic American food to the UK and take the casual dining scene by storm.

With plans to open eight restaurants this year and an additional eight in 2017 Coast to Coast will continue to grow their presence in the UK.

Angelo Gabrilatsou attributes part of their success to the range of technology they use in their restaurants, commenting;

“We use a variety of technology in Coast to Coast. A pager system is used with numerous advantages. One the general manager doesn’t have to shout into the bar and you also free up the guest to wander as he wishes; he doesn’t have to be restrained to a particular area.”

“We particularly lead the way with a QSR kitchen technology. Kitchen QSR definitely improves the efficiency of the back of house kitchen and subsequently the front of house, because the food is coming out more efficiently. If the food is coming out quicker and smoother the front of house runs quicker and smoother, so your table turn has increased as a result of technology.”

Currently Coast to Coast employs the use of CST paging systems and QSR Automations ConnectSmart Kitchen in their restaurants. To discover how our technology solutions can improve the efficiency of your kitchen please get in touch or to view the exclusive video click here.