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Can MediCall help?

On behalf of myself and everyone at CST, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to all those working in health and medical sectors across the country, especially to those working on the front line during these difficult and uncertain times.

Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing increased calls from hospitals and medical centres regarding support, upgrade or installation of the MediCall patient paging systems.

Our Support

The systems are normally used for department to patient communication - haematology, NICU, X-ray etc - allowing patients to leave the waiting area until called for appointment.

At this current time, we want to help MediCall users to reduce patient CONGESTION in high capacity waiting areas.

  • Check which department has a CST MediCall patient paging system (or call for approved NHS supplier quote and lead times)
  • Redeploy systems to another department in critical need such as A&E or a specific quarantine area
  • Ensure pagers are cleaned with antibacterial wipes of spray after use to reduce cross-contamination
  • Call CST if you need to EXTEND the range of your patient paging system to cover more of your site

Our support centre and warehouse are operational to assist key workers in this crisis, taking all precautions necessary to ensure the health of our team and system users.

Congested Test Areas

As sites try to ensure patients are kept SAFELY SEPARATED they are seeing queues for treatments and services as well as issues around safety and security.

  • A number of hospitals are asking patients to WAIT IN THEIR VEHICLES and STAY AWAY from common areas - patients may still fear “missing their turn”.
  • Issues with mobile phone coverage may mean missed calls or no signal. Wrong numbers taken or dialled could prevent tests or treatments, increasing risks.
  • Additional strain to frontline teams with suspension of care to physically look for the correct patient at the correct time.

Please remember that our paging systems work on RADIO COMMUNICATIONS, the same reliable and proven technology used widely across medical staff in the UK.

Spread the Word

To close I’d like to give a quick mention to Just Park and their fantastic appeal to the public regarding PARKING for key workers near hospitals and health centres.

With car parks becoming temporary waiting rooms/treatment areas, we wanted to share their link here.

Thank you for everything.

Safe wishes,
Eloise Sheppard

Managing Director


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