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Milestones Trust achieves breakthrough with the BlueBell radio staff attack system

Milestones Trust is a charity that supports people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia. One of their care homes, Mayo House, in Yate, is a residential home tailored to the needs of residents with learning disabilities, complex emotional concerns and autistic spectrum disorders. The main aim of the service is to help people learn to manage their distress more successfully and become more independent. 

The safety of staff and residents was of the utmost importance for the home and this was the main factor in procuring a new staff attack system. Home Manager Cherie Smith said, “We work with challenging complex people who use certain behaviours that can affect the safety of our staff and visitors sometimes.” A number of issues with their infrared system had been flagged up including the fact it didn’t work through clothing, the body, walls or round corners, issues which created a number of blind spots at the care home. “We were looking for a system that was more responsive to staff movements, hard to reach areas and the garden which the infrared system didn’t do”, she said.

Cherie was convinced of BlueBell’s effectiveness when she saw the system in action at another home in Hereford which featured lots of corridors, thick walls and numerous blind spots. “We wanted to make sure it worked in every scenario we could think of and were amazed at BlueBell’s technological capability,” Cherie said. The BlueBell solution for Mayo House included BlueBell pagers with beacon technology positioned in each room and open areas to monitor locations, including the garden. Its unique ‘swipe’ capability was also utilised to register staff locations and provide a further low cost means of being able to monitor additional and perhaps less critical areas. The system was also able to confirm receipt of every call and location message.  

The benefits of the BlueBell solution have been abundant as Cherie declares: “The BlueBell system has helped us hugely. We can now be assured that if any of our 35 members of staff need to set off their BlueBell staff attack pager, we will know their whereabouts even if they move from room to room thanks to the beacon technology.”

It has also helped the home track the time that events occur. “We support people with epilepsy and need to know the exact time seizures happen to monitor their well-being and schedule in medication at the right times”, says Cherie.  

Work productivity is also tracked using the ‘swipe’ system. “We check on some of our guests at 15 minute intervals,” Cherie says. “Using the staff swipe system which is located at every flat entrance, we can check that staff are checking on guests at the right times, and also see how effective we are in doing so.”

Call Systems Technology’s Care Specialist Juliet Patten is delighted with the collaboration, “We are thrilled to be working with Cherie and the team at Milestones Trust and are proud to be associated with a group that puts staff and resident safety at the forefront of their agenda. We are confident that the BlueBell solution will help all aspects of the care home and look forward to continuing our working relationship with them.”