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Nick Brown to attend the Restaurant Conference

Held annually the Restaurant Conference brings together senior executives from across the UK’s diverse restaurant scene to offer insight into restaurant operations.

This year’s conference is being held on the 29th of September and will explore the successes for the industry over the past year and offer networking opportunities for attendees.

Organisers of the conference, MCA Insight, will also utilise the event to launch their UK Restaurant Report, which will be an annual report on the state of the market and its future growth.

Call Systems Technology is delighted to have a representative attending this year’s event to gather important information about the ever changing restaurant environment.

CST Business Development Manager, Nick Brown, is looking forward to the event and discovering how we can enhance the solutions we offer to clients in the industry. 

Specialising in communication and capacity management technology, Nick offers insights in best practice to help companies achieve higher profits.

To discover how CST solutions could enhance your restaurant operations contact Nick Brown or meet with him during the conference.