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QSR Automations completes technology rollout at Red Robin restaurants

CST's strategic partner, QSR Automations, is proud to announce the completed rollout of both the DineTime platform and ConnectSmart Kitchen technology in more than 450 Red RobinĀ® restaurants nationwide. 

"Red Robin has made significant investments in technology to improve restaurant efficiencies and enhance their guest experience," said Lee Leet, founder and chief executive officer of QSR Automations. "Our third party API was built as a foundational piece for restaurant brands like Red Robin to integrate all of their technology solutions and seamlessly connect front of house operations with back of house operations. Our technology provides restaurant owners and managers with a comprehensive picture of their operations and ultimately improves the overall guest experience."

With the DineTime consumer app, Red Robin guests will not only be able to identify how long the wait is at a specific location, but will also be able to add their name to the waitlist before they even walk in the door which provides for a better guest experience. DineTime provides seating management and a way for accepting online reservations, as well as connecting with more guests.

In addition to DineTime, Red Robin simultaneously installed QSR's ConnectSmart Kitchen. This comprehensive kitchen solution will help Red Robin increase table efficiency and speed of service.

"Since the rollout of the QSR Automations technology in our restaurants, we are seeing an important and measurable improvement in guest service," said Carin Stutz, Red Robin executive vice president and chief operating officer. "The speed-to-table and other operational improvements are contributing to higher net promoter scores among our guests and we are confident that the QSR technology will be a good fit to support our growing business needs."

Over the past twenty years, QSR has been hospitality leader in kitchen and guest management systems. With more than 70,000 installs worldwide, QSR has helped some of the biggest names in the industry to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, maximize profit, and improve guest experiences. Their restaurant management platform, DineTime, currently seats over 1 million guests every day.