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QSR Automations launches brand new bluetooth Bump Bar

Call Systems Technology partner, QSR Automations, the leading provider of innovative automation technology for the hospitality industry, introduces its latest enhancements to bump bar technology with the KP-9000 Wireless Bump Bar. The durable wireless device eliminates the need for routing cables, allowing for flexible placement in kitchens across the nation, while also capitalising on current features from QSR's proven keypad innovations.

"Today's restaurant kitchens are looking for hardware solutions that match their customised needs. Our wireless bump bar takes our well-established KP-7500 keypad and adds greater flexibility and convenience by eliminating cabling," says Lee Leet, founder and chief executive officer of QSR Automations. "With the removal of cabling, the device will provide for a cleaner and safer kitchen environment and a clutter-free aesthetically pleasing workspace, which is exactly what high-performing, open concept restaurant kitchens need."

The footprint of the KP-9000 Wireless Bump Bar remains the same, ensuring the keypad can be easily mounted on a tabletop, wall, or shelf using QSR's standard bracketing options or existing third party brackets. It provides an added level of convenience for kitchens, as it can be placed up to 30 feet away from the controller. Each of the 20 keys is programmable, and users can easily create keypad overlays which are slid into place over the keys without the use of tools. The keypad membrane is metal reinforced for longer life and the keypad body is heat resistant and also sealed to ensure protection from grease and moisture.

Other features include longer lasting battery life enabled by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which alleviates the need to frequently switch out batteries in the kitchen. The wireless KP-9000 also offers an activity light that confirms keypresses, pairing, and serves as a low battery indicator.  In addition, QSR's ConnectSmart ControlPoint hardware management tool can be used to remotely control, configure and operate the KP-9000 Wireless Bump Bar via a proprietary dongle.  

"Having been in the restaurant industry for more than 20 years, we understand that one the most expensive costs of setting up a kitchen is the installation," says Leet. "The wireless bump bar will reduce those costs. It is the cost-effective solution for any restaurant looking for reliability and flexibility in a bump bar."

The KP-9000 Wireless Bump Bar is rated for 30 million key presses and has an unmatched 3 year warranty. When used in conjunction with QSR's kitchen display software and hardware - including the xCeed and eXpert controllers - restaurant businesses can profitably automate their kitchen operations to enhance quality, control costs and meet productivity goals.

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