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Shoppers reveal demand for changing room call buttons

Research has revealed a staggering 2 in 5 customers would rather leave a retail store without making a purchase, than have to call across the changing room to request an alternative size from a member of staff.  A nationwide survey conducted by Call Systems Technology, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of communication technology in the retail sector, has revealed that almost half, (45%), of those surveyed admitted that they would be less likely to return to the shop to obtain the correct size of clothing, if it was not available on their first visit. 

The survey of over 1,000 shoppers also discovered that 2 in 5 consumers have had a bad changing room experience, admitting that this damaged their perception of the brand they were visiting. One respondent admitted how they left a particular store without purchasing and haven’t returned since, because they became fed up waiting for a staff member to assist them. With leading retailers spending a lot of time and money building their reputation, negative in-store experiences can mean a lot more than one lost customer. Interestingly, 67% of consumers said they would use a call button if they were available in a store’s changing room, whilst 40% agree that their perception of a brand would greatly improve if call buttons were offered. Which begs the question why more retailers aren’t making use of the technology? 

Call buttons are small, wireless devices used by consumers to alert a member of staff when they are in need of assistance - in changing rooms, they can be easily wall mounted and used by shoppers to request alternative clothing sizes. The installation of call buttons allows retailers to provide customers with a more personalised shopping experience, without the outlay of huge operational costs, leading to direct purchases and happy customers.

However, it’s not only changing rooms where customers feel they could use additional support, an astonishing 1 in 3 revealed they would use a call button if they were made available on the aisle of a shop floor. Furthermore, over half (57%) of customers feel that a call button will save them time, with 47% agreeing that it would speed up customer service, which for retailers means not only is that customer leaving satisfied, but staff also have more time to serve others in need.

Eloise Sheppard, CST Managing Director, commented: “A changing room can be stressful for customers and our research has shown that many shoppers will actually exit a store, rather than calling across the changing room for a new size, or returning to the shop floor to get it themselves. At times, it is difficult to flag down staff to ask for help, so shoppers leave feeling unsatisfied and without making a purchase. Our findings show that retailers who are offering extra support in their changing rooms, such as this call button technology, are helping to transform the customer journey and improve the overall customer experience, ultimately driving additional sales.”