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The sky's the limit as CST goes queue-busting for Incipio

By introducing technology to further increase standards in service and drive that all-important memorable experience, Incipio is setting itself apart from the crowd – so much so that Pergola and The Prince recently celebrated 1,000,000 customer visits between them – with footfall figures continuing to rise. 

Known for creating fashionable and out-of-the-ordinary dining experiences, Incipio’s decision to add CST’s customer paging system will allow each location to significantly reduce wait times at food counters, by creating a virtual queue. Industry-proven to result in fewer walk-aways, whilst increasing table turns, the technology gives customers the freedom to relax across the site while they wait for an alert to say their food or drinks orders are ready to collect. Customers are simply handed a pager by their chosen restaurant operator and receive an alert when their order is ready to collect. 

Ensuring the ordering process is quick and simple has translated into increased spend-per-head for Incipio and its resident operators, as well as injecting a cooler vibe across each site with a forward-thinking approach to customer service. 

Eloise Sheppard, Managing Director, CST, commented: “We’re thrilled to be bringing our CustomerCall technology to such an innovative operator like Incipio. They say us Brits love to queue – we don’t. What we love is an exceptional experience wherever we choose to dine. Incipio venues offer an exciting mix of operators and entertainment, and diners want to be free to explore and immerse themselves in the experience – not wait in a queue.” 

Incipio Director Ed Devenport commented: “CST’s CustomerCall pagers have ensured our operations around food ordering have become incredibly slick. We’re seeing a really smooth flow of customers around the venues – not a queue to be seen anywhere, which makes for a really relaxed experience for our customers. With more openings in the pipeline and a string of top operators and performers waiting in the wings for 2019, we’re thrilled to have the tech in place.”