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Whitbread launches new Beefeater Bar + Block concept

Beefeater Bar + Block is a new restaurant concept launched, this year, by Whitbread, the UK's largest hospitality company.

­­The new brand will be a more contemporary and evolved version of Whitbread’s already established Beefeater brand. 

With booth seating, unique artwork and a central bar the restaurants have been designed by Harrison to thrive in High Street locations.

Bar + Block’s first site opened on Waterloo street in Birmingham on the 7th of March and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a focus on high quality steaks.

To ensure all steaks are cooked to perfection and per customer’s request, Bar + Block uses kitchen automation technology by QSR Automations.

ConnectSmart Kitchen helps chefs determine which food items to focus on and ensures a table’s meals are all completed at the same time.

Placed around Bar + Block’s large open kitchen, kitchen screens guarantee chefs have access to all the information they require without being obtrusive.

For a 360° view inside Birmingham's newest restaurant click here or to find out how you can streamline operations in your kitchen get in touch.