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Technology Partners

Our commitment to being leaders in the industries that we serve lead us to maintain a strong network of innovative and like-minded partners. Our ethos of working for passionate people with proven solutions is shared across our network as we look to create innovative communication and technological solutions.

JTECH An HME Company

Recently HME Wireless and JTECH combined, creating the largest onsite paging company in the world. JTECH An HME Company delivers exceptional paging and communication solutions, offering a complete line of products to improve efficiency and customer service for a large cross section of industries including restaurants, hospitals, retail businesses and salons. Recognised as one of the leading providers of communications technology, JTECH An HME Company continues to invest and develop new products that not only enhance productivity but are bespoke solutions to today's needs.


Wireless Technologies (WTE Limited) specialises in the development and production of adaptive and innovative radio products. WTE's portfolio includes radio products and systems design, from fire service and ambulance systems to satellite data distributions. They design and manufacture radio products for a range of applications - from general SCADA monitoring and control in industry to emergency services communication systems. They are expert in the development of paging equipment and protocols.


LOKE tailor makes branded loyalty and payment apps for the retail and hospitality industry. Proven to drive revenue by increasing average spend per head and frequency of visits, LOKE apps are fully personalised allowing customers to do everything from pay in store, order ahead and gain loyalty points all from their mobile phone. Working with many leading restaurant chains including Nando’s and Casual Dining Group as well as independent operators.