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Technology Partners

Our commitment to being leaders in the industries that we serve lead us to maintain a strong network of innovative and like-minded partners. Our ethos of working for passionate people with proven solutions is shared across our network as we look to create innovative communication and technological solutions.

QSR Automations

QSR Automations

CST is proud strategic partners for QSR Automations. QSR has supported thousands of restaurants of various concepts and sizes around the world. Their portfolio of innovative restaurant technology including kitchen automation, table and wait list management and reliable restaurant hardware, has revolutionized the hospitality sector in terms of productivity and profit. Their most recent launch, DineTime, is an innovative guest management app for a restaurant’s host stand and is due for roll out in Darden Restaurants which includes more than 13,000 Long Horn Steakhouse and Olive Garden locations.  

JTECH An HME Company

Recently HME Wireless and JTECH combined, creating the largest onsite paging company in the world. JTECH An HME Company delivers exceptional paging and communication solutions, offering a complete line of products to improve efficiency and customer service for a large cross section of industries including restaurants, hospitals, retail businesses and salons. Recognised as one of the leading providers of communications technology, JTECH An HME Company continues to invest and develop new products that not only enhance productivity but are bespoke solutions to today's needs.


Based in New Zealand, Salcom develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of wireless products working across the radio spectrum and utilising various transmission modes. Their product range includes satellite indicators, emergency position indicating radio beacons, radio paging and telemetry systems. In addition to their extensive choice of off the shelf products, Salcom has a dedicated team who will work with customers to design and manufacture bespoke systems to meet customer’s specific requirements.



Flypay use state of the art technology to transform the hospitality industry. Its core product is a mobile app, Flypay, which transforms the restaurant payment experience, allowing customers to check, split and pay for their bills from their smartphone. Its originality and innovation enables customized and efficient check out processes, leading to better restaurant and take away experiences. You can find the Flypay app being used in major restaurant chains including Cabana, Wahaca and Gourmet Burger Kitchen.