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Great customer service is vital. Call button solutions offer instant contact between guests and staff.

Mounted to tables, walls or self-contained bases, call buttons are easily accessible to make the guest experience as easy as possible. Perfect for areas that aren't always manned. It offers the benefits of happier customers, faster service, higher turnover and greater profits.

Key features

Choose your button

Mini buttons are an effective low-cost wireless customer paging solution, easy to install and maintain. They can be used as a standalone system or interfaced with CST's Paging Software, Gen2, enabling all service requests to be logged and monitored by management. 


Available in two colours; black and silver. 



W30 x H15 x D30mm

Up to 50,000 presses

Recommended for these sectors:

Pick your base!

From small round buttons to boxes, plastic, crystal or chrome, mini buttons can be housed in a wide variety of materials and cases. 



Customised to suit décor and branded with messages or company logos. Personal touches are regularly added to call buttons, guaranteeing unique pieces. 


Not sure what you are looking for? Here are some examples! 


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