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SOLT buttons ensure high-quality service in your business.

Call buttons let your guests request assistance without leaving their seats. Allowing service teams the freedom to multi-task, safe knowing that they will be called instantly, via pager or two-way radio, the moment their services are required. SOLT buttons maximise service, increase your revenue and ensure the guest remains at the centre of service. Integrating with the decor, they sit discreetly and unobtrusively. 

Key features


Whilst a simple and light design, the body of this button is pressure-proof making it anti-scratch. It’s also eco-friendly by ensuring the materials used are 100% recyclable. Upon being pressed, an LED will signal from the top, to acknowledge the press to the user. Overall, its moisture and dust-proof design, makes this suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.



Colour options

W67 x H42 x D11mm

Recommended for these sectors:


Assign a specific pager to each of the six buttons on the console, ensuring you’re communicating with the correct person, at the right time. This allows your waiters to devote more time to your guests by eliminating wasted trips to and from the kitchen, and ensuring food is served at the correct temperature, reducing cold food complaints and wastage. 


Colour options

W100 x H60 x D16.5mm

Recommended for these sectors:


Simple, sleek, and compact, designed to improve interior environments through enhanced communication. When pressing the button, indirect LED lighting informs the user of the signal being transmitted.



W60 x H60 x D15mm

Recommended for these sectors:


Elegant and stylish, this three-button option allows the user to select the most appropriate choice to meet their needs. The first button sends a signal to the waiter’s pager, the second button is to cancel the call, and the third button is used to request a bill (adjustable to suit your requirements). The button also has LED illumination along the perimeter.


Colour options

W74 x H46 x D11mm

Recommended for these sectors:


SB5 will fit everywhere and satisfy the most demanding. The button body has a classic design, available in three colours meaning it will look great in any interior.

This slim and light button is also durable with an IP4 waterproof guarantee. Battery-circuit control technology reduces current consumption, maximising battery life.


W58 x H12.6 x D58mm

Colour options

Recommended for these sectors:

All technical information was determined at the factory and in accordance with the corresponding standards. Subject to change on the basis of continuous development.