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CommPass Pagers

The next generation in service

No more visible queues! Hand waiting customers a CommPass pager and they're free to wander nearby, without losing their place in the queue. When staff are ready they press a button on the transmitter to call customers back. Compass pagers are easy to use and alert customers with a flash, tone and vibrate. The pagers are charged in a compact and stackable rack. They have a built-in table management feature, so you can estimate wait times more accurately and turn tables faster. They also have 'promo pockets' where a message , advert, logo of promotion and be inserted. Its exclusive pager renumbering system automatically renumbers pagers at the touch of a button. No more tracking numbers to see which guest pagers are missing, or ending up with duplicates when reordering. IQ pagers are highly robust and reliable. They are perfect for large stores, restaurants, hospitals and anywhere queues form. The base station can alert pagers up to two miles away and can control up to 999 pagers. Improve customer satisfaction and staff productivity with a Commpass paging system. Staff members no longer need to search for customers and have more time to provide better customer service. Customers are happier because they no longer have to queue. 

Features and Benefits

  • Increased profits
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Relaxed customers
  • Most reliable pagers
  • Customer friendly
  • Easier system management
  • Anti theft feature
  • Smart charging
  • Unique system ID



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