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CustomerCall Paging for the Hospitality Industry

No more visible queues  

No more visible queues for tables or meals, with CustomerCall IQ. Simply hand a customer pager to anyone waiting in a queue and they're free to drink in the bar or wander nearby, without losing their place in the queue. With customer pagers, noone waits impatiently, there is no congestion at reception and no need to hunt for customers when their food or table is ready. It is proven that customers pager result in fewer walk aways and more profit for you. You will take more table bookings and lose fewer customers. Staff members are more productive because they spend more time looking after customers and less time searching for them. When their table is ready, CustomerCall simple calls customers back with sound, flashing LED lights and vibration.

Cost effective communication

The customer pagers are extremely robust. They will endure careless handling and reward you with happier customers, willing to spend more in the bar while waiting to be seated. CustomerCall is not only clever and high functional, it is extremely cost effective too. The customer paging system also has an antimicrobial coating. Safer and cleaner for anyone handling the customer pagers. 


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