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DECT Message Server

Security, Correctional Systems and Local Authorities

CST's wireless communications focus on areas where security and reliable communication is critical. Working in high-risk environments can often present staff with potentially dangerous situations. In the event of an incident, a communication solution that directly indicates a risk is essential. 

CMS is a demand driven alarm server completely designed for durability and continuously developed by CST. CMS is controlled through licenses to communicate with different systems depending on specific needs. CMS manages both physical and logical connections over ethernet. 

Retail, Commercial and Hospitality 

CST's wireless communications offer an intelligent wireless system which can be connected to alarm systems. This effective solution ensures streamlined, effective operations for staff, enhancing customer and guest experience. 


CST's wireless communication streamline internal communications, alarms and functions are easy to control, with notification of incoming messages or alarms direct to the handset. 

Healthcare, Hospital and Elderly Care

CST are the onsite communication market leaders in the health sector, where instant, effective communication solutions are critical. 

Features and Benefits

  • Communication and messaging with all CST's wireless telephone systems
  • Two-way messaging to/from external systems
  • Broadcast
  • SMS, GSM, 3G interface
  • Alarm and messaging distribution
  • Time schedules
  • Basic positioning
  • Timer triggers
  • Web paging
  • Message/alarm to nearest person or group
  • Alarm escalation
  • Flexible alert time



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