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Table Service Location Solution

Reduce counter congestion and deliver food faster

Once customers have placed their food order, staff simply hand them a guest tag. EasyVu then monitors the diner's location. When the food is ready to be delivered, staff can instantly see which table the customer is sitting at. Customers are notified when their order is being delivered. Food is served promptly, hot and fresh. The EasyVu system consists of guest tags, table tags and easy-to-use PC software. Table tags have a unique, discreet design. Placed around the restaurant, they monitor customer location in real time. EasyVu also provides analytics for restaurant management. Advanced reporting provides an overview of restaurant activity, such as “speed of service” and wait times. Managers can make informed decisions based on this data and work on improving weak service areas. EasyVu reduces congestion at the till and improves customer service. Waiting staff have more time to ensure customers are satisfied, clear tables and upsell. It helps save money by minimising food wastage and customer refunds. 

Features and Benefits

  • Customer experience: Customers no longer gather at the counter. This creates a calmer, more enjoyable experience.
  • Faster service: Food is served quicker as staff know exactly where each order is to be taken. 
  • Better quality of food: Prompt food delivery means that customers can enjoy food hot and fresh. 
  • Standalone or integrated system: Integrate EasyVu with your existing kitchen display or use as a stand alone system. 
  • Simple, easy to use: Setup and operation are quick and easy. 
  • Water resistant table tags: Table tags are suitable for all environments. 
  • Increased staff efficiency: Staff no longer waste time searching for customers, and can spend more time serving customers. 



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