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Quick and discreet communication

PageCall offers an effective communication solution enabling you to summon key members of staff to a location quickly and discretely at the touch of a button. 

Integrate seamlessly with CST pagers and/or two-way radios, to further expand your critical alerts and messaging solution.


Features and Benefits 

  • Silent and instant communication with your staff
  • Speeds up service and improves staff efficiency
  • Freestanding or wall mounted transmitter
  • Programmable buttons for alpha messaging
  • Wireless - no cabling required
  • Excellent range 
  • Neat and robust design for everyday use


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PageCall Paging Transmitter PCB

PageCall Paging Transceiver Unit Serial

Wireless Smack Button

PageCall Radio Paging Doorbell Push

PageCall 5 Button Radio Paging Transmitter

Wireless External IP67 Call Button