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QuickCall Paging System

Effective staff communication

The QuickCall system is an economic and effective solution to paging staff individually or as a group. Used within hotels and other establishments, it is simple to use and extremely useful. A desk mountable transmitter and Qwerty keyboard enables you to type a message to contact a staff member carrying an alphanumeric pager. QuickCall allows you to contact staff quickly. This can be particularly useful in environments where staff may be responsible for numerous clients or rooms. Businesses can also use QuickCall to make sure that messages are passed on immediately, as well as ensuring that urgent items reach the correct person quickly. All of te alphanumeric pagers supplied as part of the QuickCall system feature an unread message reminder alert as well as a full message indicator and duplicate message notification. 

Alarm integration 

The QuickCall system can also be linked to the fire alarm. This means that should it go off, staff will be notified immediately about the situation. It can also transmit the message that an alarm is false should it be set off accidentally, therefore reducing disruption among staff and customer or clients. QuickCall can also be programmed to link up with doorbells, which could be a particularly useful feature for any reception staff who may find that they need to leave their desk throughout the day. If you have any other third party devices that may require an alert to be sent to a pager, QuickCall can be set up to work with these as well, giving you numerous possibilities when it comes to the applications.  

Features and Benefits

  • Keyboard programmable
  • Neat and compact transmitter
  • User friendly interface
  • Individual and group messaging
  • Fast travel data entry keypad
  • 7 x NO/NC contacts