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StewardCall Paging System

Crowd safety in stadiums and areas


The StewardCall wireless buttons provide a unique on-site messaging solution idea for stadium, arena and other sporting event venues. At a crowded sports event, the difference between seconds and minutes can diffuse a dangerous situation or even save a life. Immediate response with Supervisor, Emergency Medical Assistance, Evacuation Squads or Cleaners throughout the arena is essential to protect the public and your business. The StewardCall system puts immediate communication in the palm of your hand. With CST's StewardCall transmitters, you can give every section steward instant and discreet access to summon key personnel. The system delivers great responsiveness with stadium wide coverage. At the heart of the system is CST's Gen2 paging software system. This logs all calls and gives the control room instant knowledge of every situation, keeping you informed about what's going on and where, through the stadium, before, during and after the game. It also allows staff to access the system, via PC terminals around the venue, to send messages to any individual or groups with pagers. The log is an important benefit, not only for management date but also for due diligence. It can show exactly when an emergency happened.  


Features and Benefits

  • CST UHF Transmitters: Offers 2 Watts of power to provide complete stadium wide coverage. 
  • LAN Paging: Send alphanumeric messages from any networked computer. 
  • Contact Closure Alarms: Monitors alarm contacts for closure and alert. 
  • Serial Alarms: Monitors control panel text strings and send our messages from subsidiary systems. 
  • Expand coverage to StewardCall transmitters.