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Table Service Call Buttons

Implementing the new communication system that aids with social distancing

By observing social distancing rules but keeping your communication and customer service at the highest standards, your entire guest experience and customer loyalty will continue to grow. Our team of experts are here to help your business to start implementing a new communication system that aids social distancing that will respond to any upcoming customer behaviours’ changes.

Key benefits 

The functional main purpose of the Table Service Call button range is to reduce and limit the direct contact between the staff and the customers while providing the same required service or assistance. Placed on guest tables, the call button allows guests to alert a server at leisure - to place an order, refill drinks, pay the bill or give feedback. All whilst reducing unnecessary floor dwell and give safe and free movement for the staff. 

  • Limit and reduce direct contact between staff and guests 
  • Allow diners to directly call staff members anytime they need
  • Reduce pedestrian traffic 
  • Freer and safer movements for staff
  • Increase productivity 
  • Enhance customer experience 
  • Smart alerts and notifications 
  • Flexible integration 
  • Easy installation


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Table Service Call Button System Range

SB7 Waterproof Call Button

The body is made of a material resistant to sunlight and moisture. The button is equipped with two batteries, which allows it to work more than two years without replacing them. When the button is pressed, the red light is illuminated.

3 Digital Display Panel

The numbers of the call buttons are displayed and accompanied by beeps. The sound signal level and duration of the number display on the screen can be changed without problems. Up to 1000 buttons can be registered for a signal receiver. One of 22 available melodies can be assigned to each button.

6 Button Transmitter

Using the cook's console, you can easily call the right waiter. It will allow your waiters to devote more time to guests, and the dishes will be served when they are still really hot. Each of the six buttons is assigned to a pager of the specific waiter.

Watch Pager

Get on the move with this watch pager. A modern design with a slim body and an informative display combined with a flexible and soft hand strap and lock. Appropriate for high-class restaurants. Common use for call only and call & cancel system.

SB3 Wireless Call Button

The moisture and dust-proof design of the button makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Its light and pressure-proof body is anti-scratch.

SB5 Wireless Call Button

The button body has a classic design, available in three colors. It is the best option, which will look great in any interior.

SB9 3 Way Wireless Call Button

The multifunction button with a bright design is equipped with three function keys. The first button allows you to send a call signal to the waiter’s pager and display, the second button is to cancel the call. The third button is used to request an invoice (you can adjust it at your convenience). The button has an additional LED illumination along the perimeter.