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Help turns tables faster and serve more customers

Carried by waiters, TableScout can update a table management system with current seating availability, or page the relevant staff member immediately should a table need to be clearer. Communication is quicker and easier, and time is saved searching for team members of walking to the hostess stand. TableScout paging systems integrate with existing software such as ConnectSmart Hostess. It is portable, waterproof and durable for the most demanding restaurant environment. the wireless UHF technology is perfect for large restaurants with multiple levels. Running an  efficient restaurant is easier with the help of TableScout. It helps you maximise restaurant potential by turning tables faster, bringing in more revenue. 

Features and Benefits

  • Compact and portable: TableScout is lightweight and convenient to use for the entire shift. 
  • Simple controls: Help staff learn to use the transmitter quickly, easily and intuitively. 
  • Fast table turns: Reduce guests' wait times, eliminate long lines, and create a quieter ambience.
  • Labour cost savings: Improve staff productivity without compromised the quality of service. 
  • Rechargeable: Just plug it into an electrical outlet and charge overnight. 
  • Durable design: Withstands harsh restaurant conditions and provides reliable performance. 
  • Table management integration: TableScout integrates with table management software such as QSR Automations. 
  • More economical: TableScout is a more cost effective solution than handheld PDAs. 


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