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The BD305LF is a digital licence-free hand portable which is perfect for business communications. A natural upgrade from traditional analogue licence-free radios, the model offers users crystal-clear voice communications from an ergonomic, lightweight and rugged handset.

Key Features

  • Dual mode (analogue & digital)
  • 48 channels, 3 zones
  • 64 contacts in digital mode
  • 12.5/25kHz selectable channel spacing
  • 16-hour battery life (digital mode) 
  • Digital voice call
  • Scan (analogue channel only or digital channel only)
  • One touch callMIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G standards
  • IP54 Compliance
  • TDMA Direct Mode
  • Analogue & Digital Mixed Channel Receiving
  • Emergency Alarm (via programming)
  • VOX

Product Description

Digital Performance 
Although limited to licence-free power output, the BD305LF still delivers excellent reception and talk range. Operational in either Analogue or Digital mode, using TDMA technology the radio can work for up to 16 hours in Digital.

Excellent Performance 
With its innovative design, the BD305LF has better performance than analogue radios. Due to excellent reception sensitivity, the communications range is further extended. The BD305LF DMR digital radio offers good performance and provides stable communications.

Analogue and digital mode 
The BD305LF supports both analogue and digital mode. Users can switch between the two operating modes quickly and easily.

Clear voice
Use of digital coding and correction technology makes it possible to transmit human voices without any interference noise over large distances.

LED indicator
Charge status displayed through red and green light.

Adopting digital encoding and error correcting module, the radio has the ability to avoid signal interference on the same frequency.

Voice Announcement
Channel number announcement allows the user to efficiently switch channels even in operating conditions where visibility is limited.

Long Battery Life
Operating time of approximately 16 hours in digital mode.

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