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Unmatched efficiency and performance in critical communications. 

Smart radios enable users to push the boundaries of push-to-talk communication further than ever before. LTE (PoC) radios use Wi-Fi and cellular networks to connect users over wide areas, and Dual-Mode models deliver PMR and LTE communication together in one rugged, smart device. Various functions allow for both public safety and private users, including mission-critical voice, HD photo capture and video streaming, and broadband push-to-talk. 

Key features

Hytera PDC550

Analogue / Digital

A smartphone radio offering a complete communication solution. Enabling the collaboration of multiple communication modes including broadband and narrowband networks as well as public and private networks. The android-based device is feature-rich in applications and provides high-level data security to ensure the radio calmly handles any critical situation, improving cooperation and seamless communication. Ideal for users looking to converge multiple technologies into one rugged, reliable unit. 


2400mAh Li-poly battery

IP68 Rated

5 inch screen size

W75 x H115 x D21.5mm

Recommended for these sectors:

Hytera PDC680

Hytera PDC680 dual-mode rugged radio combines a mission-critical DMR radio with an Android-based smartphone in a single device. It harnesses the power of narrowband and broadband technologies to provide mission-critical voice call, photo and video taking, positioning, and more. This innovative radio enables seamless communications between the DMR network and public networks such as 2G, 3G, LTE, and WLAN. 


2400mAh Li-poly battery

IP68 Rated

3.6 inch screen size

W140 x H60 x D29.1mm

Recommended for these sectors:

Hytera PNC380

Combines instant communication and multimedia applications into one single device.

Hytera PNC380 POC Radio combines instant communication and multimedia applications into one single device.

Over the 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi networks, the device delivers rich multimedia data services, including 4G video transmission, location sharing, and instant messaging.


4000mAh Li-poly battery

IP67 Rated

2 inch screen size

W60 x H145.1 x D26.1mm

Recommended for these sectors:

Hytera PNC560

The PNC560 gives you the best of both worlds - a professional PoC radio and a hardened smartphone built for productivity. As an instant communication device, it offers you mission-critical push-to-talk (MCPTT) over 5G/LTE networks with super-fast speed and low latency, assisting in smooth team communication and collaboration with a simple press of the key.


5,040mAh Li-poly battery

IP68 Rated

6.3 inch screen size

W77.1 x H166.6 x D13mm

Recommended for these sectors:

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