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PD Series 5

The PD5 Series is lightweight, compact and packed with functionality. Cost effective, the PD5 series supports both digital and analogue communications, meaning they are the perfect companion for new digital mobile radio users.


Compact, lightweight and easy to operate 
The PD5 series radios are particularly ergonomic and easy to operate. With a weight of only 260g (PD505) or 280g (PD565), the PD5 series offers a high level of mobility and ideal for use on long shifts 

Cost-efficient with superlative voice quality 
With the combined application of the narrow-band codec and digital technologies for error correction, the PD5 series ensures a superlative voice quality, even in loud environments or in peripheral areas of radio coverage. 

Long battery life 
The lithium-ion battery (1500 mAh) included as standard achieves an operating time of at least 16 hours (duty cycle 5-5-90). With the optionally available 1000 mAh battery, this could be increased to up to 20 hours. 

Supports analogue and digital technology 
The PD5 series was developed in compliance with the ETSI mobile radio standard Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The handheld radios support the conventional DMR mode and can also be operated in manual mode. On top of this, the radios support Hytera XPT radio systems (via chargeable licence). That makes the PD5 series terminals the ideal companion for the move to digital mobile radio. 

Pseudo trunked radio 
With patented Hytera pseudo trunking, the terminals dynamically utilise the timeslots of a frequency. As a result, the radios can utilise both timeslots in DMO and RMO mode in the conventional DMR operation. This guarantees efficient frequency utilisation.

Additional Functions 

  • One-touch functions to quickly call up pre-programmed text messages, voice calls and supplementary functions 
  • Support of several expanded analogue signal modes, including HDC1200, 2-tone and 5-tone, for an improved integration in existing analogue radio fleets 
  • Basic encryption (40, 128 or 256 bit) in digital mode 
  • Scrambler function in analogue operation 
  • Leasing function 
  • Versatile voice calls: individual call, group call, broadcast call, data call, emergency call 
  • Radio Registration Service (RRS) and Lone Worker feature 
  • Wireless radio activation/deactivation (enable/disable), Priority interrupt, and remote monitor function (optional)

Note: These features are included as standard for the UK and Europe


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Radio PD5 Series Products


Lightweight, robust and packed with functionality, the PD505 handheld digital two-way radio impresses with its safety features and flexibility to support for both digital and analogue communications, ideal for manufacturing, events and hospitality environments.


Like the DP505, the DP565 two-way radio is lightweight, compact, and packed with functionality. Supporting both digital and analogue communications, it is the perfect companion for new digital mobile radio users. The PD565 adds upgraded functionality to the PD505 with its screen and semi-keypad.