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DMR Systems help you connect to more people, more of the time. Combining state-of-the-art radios with the latest hardware and applications, DMR systems are designed to improve coverage, increase capacity and match your current and future professional communication requirements. Connecting and managing a large number of users with voice and data has never been easier. 

Whether you are an expanding multi-site enterprise looking to improve connectivity and reliability, or are a major operator requiring increased capacity and control, we offer a modular DMR system that matches your full requirements.

Key features

Hytera HR655 Repeater

Compact DMR Repeater

Hytera HR655 is the new generation business-ready digital repeater designed to expand the communication range of your DMR radios. High performance and reliability ensures the HR655 provides the consistent, reliable and seamless voice and data communications your team needs most. It is a top pick for hotels, office buildings, supermarkets, industrial parks, and more.

Compact and lightweight, the HR655 can be flexibly wall mounted or carried on the back by tailored accessories to meet various installation requirements. The rugged design enables the HR655 to withstand harsh environments. HR655 allows communication connections anywhere you need.


W201 x H211 x D65.8mm

10 or 25W

Hytera HR1065 Repeater

The HR1065 has a smaller form factor, enhanced performance, remote management tools and enhanced functionality. It also provides a cost-effective solution to communication networks.


64 Channels

W483 x H44 x D366mm

Hytera MD785i

Powerful Digital Mobile Two-way radio

MD785i Series is endowed with ergonomic design, all-round digital functionality and remarkable quality. These features improve managements efficiency and its ability to respond to emerging situations efficiently. The MD785i Series is the ideal solution for in-vehicle or desktop communication requirements.


W60 x H174 x D200mm

2 inch screen

IP54 Rated

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