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Bring all of your critical alerts and alarms into one place for complete visibility with our Gen2 paging software solution.

Emergency & Assistance Buttons

Ensure time-sensitive communication is delivered smoothly without raising a disturbance. Discover our range of emergency and assistance call buttons.

SOLT Buttons

Enable effortless communication between staff and provide an excellent experience for guests. Discover our range of SOLT call buttons.


CST enable safe, discrete and secure communication in hotels, retail, hospitality, industry, corporate, and more. Discover the sectors we work with.

Lockdown Systems

The safety of your students is of paramount importance. Discover our range of lockdown systems and critical communications solutions for schools and education.


CST take pride in our reputation for the delivery of quality and innovative solutions. We hold a number of accreditations and trade association memberships, which support our business operations and…

AlarmCall - Fire Alarm & Alerts Paging

Stay agile, productive, and profitable through even the most challenging circumstances with AlarmCall. Discover our critical alerts paging solution.

Stadiums & Arenas

Enable seamless, reliable and instant communication and provide an incredible guest experience. Discover our solutions for stadium and arena.


Improve the customer experience with seamless and instant communication. Discover our alerts, paging, two-way radio and call button solutions for retail.


Protect lone workers and improve responsiveness and productivity. Discover our range of solutions for the industrial sector.