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Call buttons

Call Buttons of the corporate industry.

Effective and discreet communication solutions

An effective communication solution, call buttons allow guests to summon staff without leaving their seats. Available in many designs, the wireless call buttons can be placed anywhere in your meeting room. Buttons can be mounted on tables, walls or in hallways to enable anyone to indicate where a specific service is required. Delegates are assured of uninterrupted meetings, whatever their service requirements and allows service teams the freedom to multi-task, safe in the knowledge that the will be lacerated instantly, via pager, the moment their services are required. 

Easy installation and integration

Designed to integrate with the overall decor, the call button can sit discreetly and unobtrusively in meeting rooms, lobby areas, conference centres and private dining rooms. Easy to install and maintain, the solutions can be used as a standalone system, or interfaced with CST's Paging Software solutions, enabling all service requests to be logged and monitored by management teams. 




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Call Buttons Paging Products

The functional main purpose of the Table Service Call button range is to reduce and limit the direct contact between the staff and the customers while providing the same required service or assistance. Placed on guest tables, the call button allows guests to alert a server at leisure - to place an order, refill drinks, pay the bill or give feedback. All whilst reducing unnecessary floor dwell and give safe and free movement for the staff.

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ConferenceCall is an effective communication solution to allow your guests to summon staff without leaving their seats. Available in many designs, ConferenceCall is a wireless call button that can be placed anywhere in your meeting rooms.

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Allow your customers to call for assistance as soon as they need it. Placed strategically in fitting rooms, next to locked display cabinets or near difficult to reach locations, customers simply press a button to call for staff. Staff can receive the alert via a range of communication devices, including staff pagers, wireless headsets, DECT phones and radios. 

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EasyCall is an effective low cost wireless customer paging system. The EasyCall range of microbutton paging systems allows customers to summon staff anywhere on site, including patios or beer gardens. The EasyCall units are attractive, IP rated, tough, compact microbuttons (about the size of £2 coin) that can be secured to walls, desks of tables, and exposed to all weathers.

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When the consultant is ready to see their next patient, what is the quickest and easiest way to inform reception? ConsultantCall is a paging system that links a desk mounted consultant call button to the receptionist. When the call button is pressed an alert is sent to the receptionist via a pager or display. This ensures that the next patient is seen quickly and helps to reduce patient waiting times. 

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ButlerCall service buttons allow guests to call for assistance at the press of a button. Staff are able to respond immediately to the alerts received on their pagers. Whether guests are requesting drinks, need assistance with a technical issue or want to communicate with staff while running an event. ButlerCall service buttons can be used for all situations. 

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