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Enhancing student and staff safety

High-speed communication is at the heart of what keeps students and education professionals safe and secure. A CST system delivers instant communication, exchange of critical information and security monitoring. Our cutting-edge wireless technologies, such as school lockdown alarm systems and emergency two-way radios, offers peace of mind to educational facilities. 



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Fire Alarm Messaging

Discovering whether a fire alarm is false before an evacuation can maximise your students’ valuable learning time. Add an extra level of safeguarding for staff and students by ensuring time-sensitive information is delivered rapidly with reliable technology. AlarmCall instantly transmits detailed information on the system, individual panel and device conditions to personal pagers or two-way radios. Prioritise real emergencies and investigate and manage false alarms to prevent unnecessary evacuations.


Staff Safety

Always keep your staff safe. Instant connection ensures critical information is delivered to where it matters most.

Equality Act Compliant

Compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Critical Alerts

Enhance protection from the dangers and economic impact of critical hazards on campus.

Fast Response

Deliver instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button for your teachers, staff and students.

Fire Monitoring

Remove the disruptive impact of false alarms and keep your students, staff and teachers safe and secure.