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Enhancing student and staff safety

High-speed communication is at the heart of what keeps students and education professionals safe and secure. A CST system delivers instant communication, exchange of critical information and security monitoring. Our cutting-edge wireless technologies, such as school lockdown alarm systems and emergency two-way radios, offers peace of mind to educational facilities. 

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Fire Alarm Messaging

Discovering whether a fire alarm is false before an evacuation can maximise your students’ valuable learning time. Add an extra level of safeguarding for staff and students by ensuring time-sensitive information is delivered rapidly with reliable technology. AlarmCall instantly transmits detailed information on the system, individual panel and device conditions to personal pagers or two-way radios. Prioritise real emergencies and investigate and manage false alarms to prevent unnecessary evacuations.


The safety of your staff, pupils and guests is paramount. DeafCall provides site-wide critical alert communication coverage for those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. It will enable you to alert them in the event of a fire, security breach, or other critical situations. Put the safety of your staff, pupils, and guests first whilst fulfilling your statutory requirements.

First Aider Call Point

Recall first aiders instantly from anywhere on your educational site. It’s challenging to always ensure the safety of pupils, yet it’s vital that staff can quickly react to any incident to help treat accidents and prevent escalation. First Aider Call Buttons improve response time and decrease the chances of your pupils or staff getting injured on site.

External Call Points

Reliable communication is vital to ensure staff and pupil safety. Reduce the cost of your communication and enable your staff to respond rapidly to situations on site. External call points can provide detailed information about the location of the alert and a continuous signal that someone needs assistance to both pagers and two-way radios. Helping you to respond quickly and put the safety of your students and employees above all else.

Panic Alarm

In situations where there’s a high threat to the personal safety of staff or danger to students, it’s imperative that help can be requested instantly. A panic alarm allows staff and students to flag an emergency straightaway. Faster response times will help improve productivity, exceed expectations, and reduce potential threats. 

Two-way Radios

Two-way radios help address rising safety concerns; keep your students, faculty, and staff safe and secure. Provide instant connection and immediate delivery of crucial information to your staff. Whether security need to notify teachers of an incident or maintenance need to be reached to deal with a burst pipe, staff must have fast and secure communication. Covering locations from the classroom to the bus stop and everywhere in between, two-way radios offer a cost-effective solution.

Lockdown System

Rapid communication is crucial during emergencies. Send your lockdown alert across your entire educational campus with a touch of a button. Instant communication is critical during emergencies, especially in educational environments. An efficient school lockdown system allows teachers to quickly restrict access and movement throughout buildings or certain areas, ensuring the safety of all students and staff.


Only the most efficient educational establishments run on Gen2. Unify your communications with one solution: Gen2, our alarm monitoring and messaging software solution. Control and monitor an entire messaging and critical alarm system, helping to improve operational efficiency, security, and safety. Ensure your teams never miss a message or alarm by integrating Gen2 with your business management systems, fire and security systems, access control and lone worker applications. With the ability to connect to multiple devices, including our Gen2 app, pagers, and two-way radios, you will never have felt more connected. High performing, multi-lingual and user-friendly, with the ability to facilitate an unlimited amount of client users - it's the hub of all communication. 




Staff Safety

Always keep your staff safe. Instant connection ensures critical information is delivered to where it matters most.

Equality Act Compliant

Compliance with the Equality Act 2010.

Critical Alerts

Enhance protection from the dangers and economic impact of critical hazards on campus.

Fast Response

Deliver instant and reliable communication at the touch of a button for your teachers, staff and students.

Fire Monitoring

Remove the disruptive impact of false alarms and keep your students, staff and teachers safe and secure.