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Fire Alarm Paging

Fire Alarm paging for Schools, Universities

Ensure the safety of staff and students

Anyone working in an education environment will be well aware of the potential difficulties in dealing with a serious incident in a school. With hundreds of students spread out over a large area, or across a number of buildings, a small problem can quickly escalate and turn into a serious situation. Difficulties can then be compound if teachers and supervisory staff do not have the correct information available to them. Teachers need to ensure the safety of hundreds of pupils in their are each day, and systems such as CST's AlarmCall Paging solutions can help. 

Reduce false alarms and unnecessary evacuations

By providing staff with accurate and up to date information, AlarmCall ensures that incidents can be dealt with safely and appropriately. AlarmCall will also help reduce the number of false fire alarm in schools and many other establishments, saving time and preventing unnecessary fire brigade callouts. Based on a sophisticated paging system, when an alarm is triggered, it immediately notifies a designated fire marshal who can establish the exact location and validity of the alarm. 


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