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Staff Paging

Staff paging for schools, universities and colleges.

Instant and reliable communication

Staff paging solutions offer instant, reliable communication across small to large scale establishments. Teachers can be contacted either as a group or individually. Instead of sending a paper message across the school, staff can simply send a message to the relevant teacher's pager. A desk-mountable transmitter and qwerty keyboard enables you to type a message to contact a staff member carrying an alphanumeric pager. Information can then be passed on to a pupil, if appropriate. This eliminates problems associated with trying to locate a class should it have moved room, for example. 

Integrates with fire alarm systems

Our paging systems can work alongside fire alarms, notifying teachers of false alarms and preventing the need for everyone to evacuate the building. However, in a genuine fire alarm case, or systems can inform teachers about the location of the hazard, allowing them to conduct a more efficient evacuation of students. 


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