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Queue Management

Queue Management for the healthcare sector

Improve patient flow management

With queue management software solutions, an electronic waiting list is created when patients arrive at the hospital or surgery. It notifies patients when their appointment is ready via SMS text message or page. Providing a better experience for the patient, the solution gives patients the comfort of knowing they can venture out and always be reached. Moreover, the solution allows you to send specific information to patients and visitors whenever needed. You can send updates regarding procedure times, ask family members to report to a department or tell a patient that a prescription is ready. Patients can be transferred throughout a hospital, retaining the same pager and record for the whole stay. 

Integrates with SMS and paging solutions

Easy and affordable, there is no hardware to install or maintain. The software works with any computer with internet access. It integrates with CST paging solutions and SMS text messaging, allowing the patient to choose which way they would prefer to be contacted. And with the reporting capabilities, management and users can track wait times and monitor messages to ensure the facilities is working to the highest standards. 


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