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Customer Paging

Customer Paging for the Industrial sector

Queue busting communication solutions

For the industrial sector including manufacturers, logistics, warehousing, distribution and port and freight handling, keeping high standards of communication between staff and customers on a large scale is recognised as the most efficient and cost effective solution to productive working. 

Communication is key

CST helps industrial and security industries to keep the communication standards high in a variety of unique ways. For example, when lorries arrive to board a ferry at a port, before they can board they may be required to wait until a specific time. Lorry drivers can be handed a customer pager and then wait where they wish, leaving their vehicle to go to a nearby site. When it's the lorry's turn to board the ferry, the driver's pager will vibrate, flash or produce a tone alert to signal to the driver that they are next in the queue. This form of queue busting helps keep large scale production queues organised and streamlined. 


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Customer Paging Products

CustomerCall Paging

No more visible queues for tables or meals, with CustomerCall IQ. Simply hand a customer pager to anyone waiting in a queue and they're free to drink in the bar or wander nearby, without losing their place in the queue. With customer pagers, no one waits impatiently. There is no congestion at reception and no need to hunt for customers when their food or table is ready.

Coaster Pagers


No more visible queues! Hand waiting customers a Coaster pager and they're free to wander nearby without losing their place in the queue. When staff are ready they press a button on the transmitter to call customers back. Coaster pagers are easy to use and alert customers with a flash, tone and vibrate.