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DECT Solutions

DECT solutions for Industry.

Provide full site communication coverage

Provide site-wide communication coverage, protect lone workers or those in hazardous environments, and have a high clarity communication device with all the functions of a pager and alarm in one stylish, slim handset. The DECT solutions ia tried and tested, cost effective communication system used throughout the industrial and security industries to connect different site areas easily. With full two-way speech communication, text and data messaging and more, the DECT solution allows employees to alert different departments to emergencies, issues or tasks. 

Lone worker protection

Staff working alone or in high risk environments are better protected with accurate location positioning and integrated 'Man Down' alarm. Clear, coloured graphics on the large phone display provide a quick and easy view of any situation. Alerts are grouped by colour in the display with the most important at the top. Speed, accuracy and control are the watchwords of this solution. Whatever your message or alarm alert, the DECT solution can deliver it. 


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