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Paging Software for Indsutry

Improve overall productivity

Gen2, a paging software solution, helps managers and staff communicate at maximum efficiency and improve their overall productivity. It allows users to compose and send messages from any PC on the network to on-site alphanumeric pagers, DECT handsets and two-way radios without costly line rentals and call charges. 

Lone worker and night worker safety

It has advanced functionalities which include onsite paging, group paging for security, maintenance paging or fire alarm alerts, pre-set messaging, and reminders of regular maintenance and other tasks whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Gen2 also protects lone works, night workers and those in hazardous environments. It can integrate with personal alarms, offer position location and alert staff of emergencies. Gen2 delivers and extra level of protection, giving at risk staff the confidence to do their job effectively. 


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