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Staff Paging

Staff Paging for Industry.

Economic and cost effective communication systems

Staff paging systems are an economic and effective solution to paging staff individually or as a group. And because business requirements can be unique, our systems are flexible enough to work for different situations including in building site yards, in cruise ship lifts and much more. If you have other third party devices that may require an alert to be sent to a pager, our systems can be set up to work with these as well, giving you numerous possibilities when it comes to the applications. 

Flexible integration with third party systems

Our paging solutions can work alongside fire alarms, notifying staff of false alarms and preventing the need for everyone to evacuate a building or site. However, in a genuine fire alarm case, our system can inform designated fire marshal about the location of the hazard, allowing them to conduct a more efficient evacuation of staff. Ultimately paging systems are an effective, low powered communication solution to help increase communication between teams. Our solutions are flexible and adaptable to fit any situation you may have. 


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