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Fire Alarm Paging

Fire Alarm Paging for restaurants, pubs and bars.

Eliminate false evacuations

False alarms can be disastrous if they happen on a busy evening where a venue is enjoying lots of dining guests. Unnecessary evacuations can result in abandoned tables without payment, wasted food, customer dissatisfaction and overall loss of revenue. By using our alarm paging solutions, false alarms can be dealt with in a timely and efficient manner, you can prevent the alarm going off and let your guests enjoy their evening. 

Establish the exact location and alarm validity

Based on a sophisticated paging system, when an alarm is triggered, it immediately notifies a designated fire marshal to where the first alarm has been activated. They then establish the exact location and validity of the alarm, prior to the Fire Brigade being dispatched. If the alarm is false, it can be cancelled before any signal is made to guests and staff to evacuate. Installing the alarm paging solution can be of great benefit to the hospitality sector in cutting losses and ensuring customers return. 


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