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Table Location systems for restaurants, pubs and bars.

Monitor customer locations in real time

Ideal for replacing inefficient table flags and eliminating congestion at the counter, a table location system identifies where a customer is seated so food can be delivered promptly. When placing an order customers are handed a guest tag which uses RFID technology to track their location in real time.

An easy-to-use software system displays customer’s real time locations, allowing servers to quickly locate the correct table to deliver food. Servers are also able to locate guests on the move, whether they are at the drinks station or switching tables.

Analytical reporting saves time and money

Important analytical data, such as food delivery times, gained from a table location system helps restaurateurs manage staff and restaurant activity. With this solution, waiting staff have more time to ensure customers are satisfied, clear tables and upsell other products on the menu.


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Table Location System

EasyVu Table Location System

Once customers have placed their food order, staff simply hand them a guest tag. EasyVu then monitors the diner's location. When the food is ready to be delivered, staff can instantly see which table the customer is sitting at. Customers are notified when their order is being delivered. Food is served promptly, hot and fresh.