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Table Management for restaurants, pubs and bars.

Increase guest traffic and reduce overall costs with QSR's DineTime Host

With table management solutions, restaurants can increase guest traffic while simplifying their operations and reducing overall cost. Restaurants of any size and concept can use our solutions to help streamline front of house operations and improve customer satisfaction. Increase reservation bookings using a browser widget on your restaurant website. Manage wait lists, organise servers and sections and collect key analytical data on business trends. Stay connected with guests via two-way SMS texting to notify them when their table is ready. Automatically collect valuable information on every guest that walks through the door.

System integration

QSR's DineTime Host is best used as a fully integrated guest management system connected to every aspect of your operation. Connecting to your point of sale software allows you to view and edit payment details, discover meal stage updates and check payments. If you already have a paging system in play or kitchen automation system, our table management solutions can integrate with them to ensure your restaurant operations are as streamlined and cohesive as possible. 


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