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Fire Alarm Paging

Fire Alarm Paging for Retail

Eliminate unneccessary evacuations

False evacuations can be costly for any business. From abandoned trollies and shoppers, to stock losses and disgruntled customers, evacuating a store or building has a knock on effect. CST's fire alarm paging solutions offers an innovative solution to this unavoidable issue. When ana alarm is triggered, the system immediately notifies a designated fire marsh who can establish the exact location and validity of the alarm. If the alarm is false, it can be cancelled before any signal is made to shoppers and staff to evacuate. 

Deal with incident safely and appropriately

Immediate and accurate information regarding activated alarms, helps reduce unnecessary evacuations and prevent avoidable fire brigade call outs. With our systems, you have the ability to identify the exact location of the alarm before your customers to ascertain whether the alarm is false or verified. In this way, actual incidents can be dealt with safely and appropriately.


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