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Stadia & Arena

Stadia & Arena

Crowd safety, control and communication

In all industries, communications are of paramount importance. Ensuring the safety and satisfaction of customers is a necessity. The leisure industry probably creates the greatest challenges due to the multi-levels and wide terrain often needing to be covered. Whether it is to notify a customer that their bowling lane is ready or to summon first-aiders from the other side of a theme park, it is vital that the on-site communications are reliable and robust. 

Fire, alarm and security 

CST's wireless paging systems and radios are now firmly established as at the forefront of this technology having been recognised as the most efficient and cost effective form of staff-to-staff and customer communications. With a diverse leisure customer base from theatres to theme parks, CST's wireless systems range from simple desktop messaging and two-way radios for basic staff communication to task management paging software, fire and alarm monitoring and security devices. CST guarantees a solution to meet both your needs and your budget. 

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Fire Monitoring

Remain in control of any potential fire hazards, monitoring and controlling the area.

Staff Safety

Maintain staff and guest safety at all times in large scale venues and arenas. 

Customer Service

Be available to deal with customer requests quickly and efficiently. 

Food Quality

Deliver food to guests as soon as it is ready, maintaining high standards of food quality.

EPoS integration

Integrate point of sale software to create a cohesive task management solution for your venue.

False Alarms

Be able to identify false alarms, saving time and money on false evacuations.

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