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Paging Software for Stadiums and Arenas.

Maintain constant communication

CST's software paging system, Gen2, is a messaging software solution that helps managers and staff/stewards to communicate at maximum efficiency and improve their overall productivity. It allows users to compose and send messages from any PC on the network to onsite alphanumeric pagers, DECT handsets and two-way radios without costly line rentals and call charges. 

Integration options

It has advanced functionalities which include onsite paging, group paging for security, maintenance paging or fire alarm alerts, pre-set messaging, and reminders of regular maintenance and other tasks whether daily, weekly, monthly or annually. Gen2 also protects lone workers, night workers and those in hazardous environments. It can integrate with personal alarms, offer position location and alert staff of emergencies. Gen2 delivers an extra level of protection, giving at risk staff the confidence to do their job effectively.


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Paging Software



The StewardCall wireless buttons provide a unique on-site messaging solution idea for stadium, arena and other sporting event venues. The StewardCall system puts immediate communication in the palm of your hand. With CST's StewardCall transmitters, you can give every section steward instant and discreet access to summon key personnel. The system delivers great responsiveness with stadium wide coverage.

Alphanumeric Pager

Alphanumeric pagers are cost effective, discreet communication devices. They are ideal for sending messages between staff members and management. Easy-to-use, they ensure that your staff can respond immediately to any requests and alerts. Faster response times will help you exceed expectations and reduce any potential threats.

Scrolling Message Display

Easily share information and alerts with others using the clear scrolling display. Control it from the Genesis system or a designated pager. A great addition to a paging or communication system. Message can be entered through public paging system or Genesis paging software.

Gen2 Software

Gen2 is a revolutionary real time messaging software solution which unifies all communication channels, by integrating with equipment and controls and directing messages between staff. Messages can be easily formulated or chosen from a pre-set list, giving users complete control. Gen2 takes staff and client protection to a new level by integrating all alarms into one system and ensuring that staff remain in constant contact.