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Two-way Radios

Two-way radios for Stadia and Arenas.

Fast and secure communication

Providing great communication coverage in a high capacity stadium or arena does not have to be a challenge. Whether staff are trying to respond to guest requests or fix a malfunctioning facility, CST's two-way radios systems are efficient, reliable and the key to productivity. Moreover, instant and secure communication between stewards and management in a stadium helps ensure safety standards are adhered to. Being able to call for assistance through a high-clarity radio can sometimes be the difference between an incident being resolved or an incident escalating. 

Covers large scale sites

The exceptional audio clarity and quality of sounds keeps communication standards high between different areas of a large scale venue, allowing staff to hear and speak clearly whatever their location. The radios background noise suppression filters our external sounds, even on larger sites, ensuring they can be heard of large crowds and concerts.


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