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Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators with Salcom Technologies

At CST, we distribute Salcom components who design and manufacture a wide range of wireless products working across the radio spectrum utilising various transmission modes. The products and components include satellite communicators, industrial remote control, telemetry systems and radio paging suitable for commercial, emergency services and personal applications.

 We support and encourage systems integrators to use our products and components in the creation of innovative solutions. Becoming a systems integrator will allow you to stand out in the market place as a key provider of quality systems. Our focus on partner success is reflected in the very solutions we develop, the channel tools and solutions we offer and the collection of resources we deploy to support dealer opportunity and growth.

How we support our partners

-       Full support for SALCOM systems and solutions

-       Assistance with programming and configuration changes of existing systems

-       Integration of SALCOM solutions into existing systems and networks

James Mitchell
Export and Reseller Manager

James has over 15 years technical business development & account management experience. His commitment to working with partners and systems integrators is second only to his passion for the industry and the technologies he promotes. 

Solving problems.

Staff Safety

Our technologies and components help maintain staff safety at all times on-site, sometimes in hazardous situations and locations.

Fire Monitoring

We work with many fire and security companies to help monitor and control potential fire hazards, alerting staff to fire locations and evacuation procedures.

False Alarms

Our components integrate with alarm solutions to be able to identify false alarms, saving time and money on false evacuations.

DDA Compliant

Compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2004.

Fast Response

All our components ensure alerts and alarms are signalled as soon as a button is pressed.

Wireless Communication

Expertise to solve your communication issues with our wireless technology

Providing solutions.