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25 Watt UHF Power Amplifier

11-99-0000 25 Watt UHF Power Amplifier

This 25 Watt UHF Power Amplifier covers the full switching bandwidth without retuning with 20 Watts minimum output. The power sense operates with a minimum of 1 Watt input and switches both the power and aerial relays. It will operate satisfactorily with down to 1 Watt input power where it will give approximately 10 Watts out.

Features and Benefits 

  • In receive mode, the amplifier will pass a receive signal with less than 2dB attenuation
  • The high pass filter is in circuit during receive mode
  • Three stage aerial filter attenuates spurious emissions to less than -30dBm
  • Protected against accidental power connections reversal
  • A 2dB 50R input matching pad allows for connection to a wide range of driving devices without the risk of instability






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