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Call Point Transmitter

12-86-9000 Call Point Transmitter

This range of Call Point Paging Transmitters send text messages directly to paging receivers, without the use of intermediate receivers and transmitters for short range applications resulting in a simpler and lower cost system. The transmitters are ideally suited to a variety of retail assistance and control applications due to their compact size and durability.  

Features and Benefits 

  • Five inputs are supports, each of which can be programmed with up to a 35 character message
  • Units can be programmed with a serial programming cable or be supplied pre-programmed
  • Direct line sight range of up to 800 metres
  • Capable of transmitting text messages directly to pocket pagers
  • With the appropriate receiver they can be used for remote control applications such as turning on lights or disabling alarms
  • The transmitter will operate for more than one thousand transmissions before the battery needs to be replaced.






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