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UHF Transceiver & Repeater

12-90-0000 UHF Transceiver & Repeater

 This simple to configure paging transceiver, with high sensitivity receiver, is combined with a transmitter to allow both the encoding and decoding of paging messages. With various applications this product can be used as either a stand alone receiver, a stand alone transmitter, a point to point raw serial line or as a simple telemetry solution.

Features and Benefits 

  • Multiple message queuing of up to four 80 character messages
  • Message collision or corruption is prevented with an intelligent self adjusting busy check
  • Configure pre-defined input messages with any serial terminal application
  • Expansion is possible with a relay and input module
  • Two discrete inputs are supported with different pre-programmed messages on high and/or low transition
  • Monitor the signal strength of the last received message
  • Virtual outputs can be used to remotely trigger input or periodic messages 






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